About Bunya Red Farm

Bunya Red Farm is located in the picturesque South Burnett region.

Our story; Allan and Mandy, moved to the area six years ago looking for a tree change.  We fell in love with the place we’d found.  It has 360 degree panoramic views of the Bunya Mountains and surrounding countryside.  It was close to Brisbane, our children and families.

The possibilities and potential of the rich red volcanic soil stirred the ‘farmers’ from within.  Both of us grew up on farms, and knew we were not going to rely on farming incomes for our young  family in our earlier years.  We had lived the struggles of growing up in a family on the land.  So now, these many years later, when we did decide to move back to the land, we knew a diversified approach to farming was required.

The question of  ‘what to do’ with all this land loomed.  The local area is rich in agriculture.  The main crops are peanuts, navy beans, olives and wine.

With a Mediterranean climate, we needed to look for a unique crop that was not equipment intensive, as we didn’t have much, and was tolerant of the conditions in the area. The weather can fluctuate with very cold winters of -4 to above 40+ degree days.  Dry seasons and wet seasons.  It varies.  We were inspired by a story on Capers on ABC Landline and we felt that they would fit our criteria.

Bunya Red Farm is 160 acres and used for for grazing cattle on half, peanut and corn rotation on about 75 acres, with the alpacas, a small tree plantation, vegetable garden and capers on a few acres around the house.

It has taken several years to get the farm tidied up a little with still work to be done.  There is an old one room school building on the farm, and old fences needing to be repaired or replaced.  It is a an ongoing project, but an enjoyable one.  The peace and quiet;  the stars at night;  the blue of the beautiful Bunya Mountains; the green of the kikuyu grass merrily eaten by our alpacas, are all part of they reason why we live in the country.

We would love to hear from you and look forward to sharing our evolving story on our Whats Happening page.

Bunya Red Farm is a registered Australian Business    |    ABN 50 137 674 243 operated by AJ and AM Evans.

544 Wattlegrove Rd INVERLAW QLD 4610

Telephone (07) 4164 3186    |   Email info@bunyaredfarm.com.au

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