Bunya Red Farm Products

Queensland Grown Capers & Caperberries

Queensland’s own chemical-free, Bunya Red Farm Capers are grown in the rich fertile red soil looking out to the Bunya Mountains in South Burnett.

With our Mediterranean climate we’ve chosen to diversify our 160 acre property. They share the land with a peanut corn crop rotation, cattle, alpacas, a veggie patch, chooks, guinea fowl, and our loved cats and dogs.

100% Queensland made.

Capers in Salt
Capers in Salt
Caper Salt

We also stock chef & restaurant sizes for more information please contact us.

Bunya Red Farm Capers in Salt

Queensland Grown Capers

40g, 100g & 200g packs

Our stock is so fresh, handpicked and preserved in salt since October 2021. The weather has limited our harvest so far this year.

Bunya Red Farm Capers are handpicked, washed and salted with Australian sea salt.  After curing, they are packed, ready for you to enjoy.

Great in salads, pasta, on pizza, eggs benedict, smoked salmon… imagine how capers can add that zing to your recipes – fresh and fruity, with an intensity of flavour. Yum!



Bunya Red Farm Caperberries

Queensland Grown Caperberries

60g & 125g pack

Bunya Red Farm caperberries are handpicked, washed and then pickled in vinegar.

The stock we have harvested so far tastes great, but could be of different sizes and may have some marks, which don’t affect the flavour. Great on a cheese plate, chopped into salads, make a gremolata for tuna or port, or roast with chicken, lemon & garlic. Why not try as an alternative to an olive in a dirty martini? Use the vinegar/brine mix when the caperberries are finished to make your own


Bunya Red Farm Caper Salt

Queensland Made Caper Salt

50g & 100g pack

A moist salt, made from the salt left over from the caper preserving process, with more capers added for extra flavour. It can be sprinkled on any of your favourite meat, fish and vegetable dishes, or even avocado on toast. Zero waste.